Multi-Saw Trimmers

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Designed for high speed trimming
applications, these machines can be
operated manually, semi-automatic or
fully automatic with an optimized infeed
They provide a high range of trimming options when used with a multi-positioning gate and are designed for maximum up-time. Speeds range from 180 pieces per minute in dimension lumber to 120 pieces per minute in mixed material.

Multi-saw Trimmer

  • Number of Saw Ladders
  • Individual Motors
  • Metric or Imperial
  • Adjustable Zero Saw
  • Automatic/Semi-Automatic or
    Manual Controls



Rigid Main Beam, Stress Relieved and Machined
Saw Spacing Within 12″
Line-Shaft Drive
Tubular Ladders for Maximum Belt Protection
Air Lift for High Speed Application
Large Full Length Air Intake and Exhaust Manifolds
Machined and Balanced Steel Couplings
Hold-Down Shoes
Insulated Sound Enclosure
Pressure Regulated Air Valves


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