Log Carriages

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Log carriages designed to provide years of
precision sawing with a minimum of downtime.
Durable enough to withstand the constant
pounding that is part of loading and turning
large logs.

Log Carriage



  • Compound Cylinder for Dog Opening & Closing
  • Air Operated Cant Flipper
  • Integrated Air Bag In Linear Positioner
  • Soft Dogging Air Circuit




Modular Designed Blocks Bolt to Main Frame
Unattached Bunk & Knee Design to Reduce Shock Load
High Profile Dog Pockets
Hydraulic Linear Positioners for Fast Accurate Sets
Tong Dogs (Multi Position)
Replaceable Teeth (T-1 Plate)
Built-In Heavy Duty Cant Turner
Gib Adjustments on Knee Slides
Two Axles for Each Block
Bunk Blow-Downs
Chrome Plated Bunk Wear Strips
Chrome Plated Knee Slides With Bronze Wear Strips
Automatic Lubrication


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