Edger Resaws

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This versatile machine is intended to be
used in situations where bottlenecks occur, at a resaw or pony edger.
The machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers and can be supplied with a gang cluster of up to six saws plus two or three independently shifting saws.Side pressrolls allow for resawing of up to
12″ depth with one or two saws and top
pressrolls provide for edging.

Edger Resaw

  • Hydraulic Feedroll Drive
  • Additional Saw lines
  • Extra Guides and Spacers
  • Precision Sawguide Resurfacer
  • Infeed System Designed to Suit




Main Frame Stress Relieved and CNC Machined
Thin Kerf Babbit Guides (.150″ kerf for 12″ material)
Hydraulic Driven Side Pressrolls with Compound Air Cylinders
Chromed Straight-edge Through Machine with Driven Pressure Rolls
Straight-Cut Knurled and Chrome Plated Bedrolls
Straight-Cut Knurled and Chrome Plated Pressrolls
Variable Speed Electric Feedroll Drive
Heavy Duty Frame Construction


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