Curve Sawing Edgers & Gangs

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Get the most out of your raw material with a fine kerf, curve sawing edger or gang.

The mechanical feed system allows square sided cants to be curve sawn from either direction.


Fast and accurate in depths to 10″
leaving a quality finish on the lumber.


Curve Sawing Edge & Gang

  • Up to Eight Saw Lines in Edgers
  • Hydraulic Feedroll Drive
  • Extra Sawguides
  • Precision Sawguide Resurfacer
  • Infeed and Outfeed Tables






Main Frame Stress Relieved and CNC Machined
Adjustable Shifter Tips (where applicable)
Chrome Plated Shifter Support Shaft
Hardened and Ground Precision Guides
Serpentine Chain Drive
Hydraulic Drive Motors on all Vertical Rolls
Guide Lubrication Panel
Jackshaft Drive on Main Arbour
Centralized Grease Lubrication
Straight-Cut Knurl on Feed Rolls
Hydraulic Guide Clamp on Gangsaws
Variable Frequency Electric Feed Drive
Pressroll Sequencing
Linear Positioning on Side Press Rolls
Precision Babbit Mold


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