Belt Slitter


beltslitter-homeThe Next Generation® Power Belt Slitter is free-standing, hydraulically operated and self contained. No overhead equipment is required for loading or unloading belting inventory. Infinitely variable speeds on all wind-up and feed roll motors. Hydraulic rewind assemblies at in-feed and out-feed ends are easily engaged or disengaged to facilitate winding, loading and unloading.

Hydraulic components include: Gresen & Hawe directional control valves; and CharLynn, Bosch or Parker motors, pumps and valves. Motors are available from 15 – 50 horse-power, and are coupled with a Parker or Bosch piston pump which is mounted on a rectangular drip tray reservoir (208/600 volt motors).

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Charger Engineering is a proud member of  NIBA-The Belting Association

Options include: Side Shifts (single or dual), Stand-alone Winder, Power Cross-Cut, Power Pinch Rolls, Linear Counter, Secondary Take-Up, High Speed Operation, and an Aeration Table (for sticky materials).

Easily print a Next Generation® Specifications or Quote Sheet / Features page for easy reading and printing. The Quote / Features page is helpful in designing your own custom Slitter. Just print off and fax or e-mail back for pricing.

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Front of Belt Slitter

Engaged Draw-bar

Engaged Draw-bar



Stand-alone Winder for increased production capacity

Stand-alone Winder for increased production capacity


Easy access Controls

Unwind & Walk-through

Unwind & Walk-through


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